December 4, 2011

Fix for Nokia Symbian Anna ‘Album Artist’ in Music Player

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I’m enjoying my new Nokia E7 with Symbian Anna, however I’ve had a problem with the music player and I thought I’d share the fix. In the Symbian Anna update, Music Player gained support for the album artist tag on music files. See Nokia’s FAQ: Why my albums are not shown properly after updating to Symbian Anna?.

This has caused trouble for a lot of people with incorrectly tagged libraries, and I have a work-around for manually correcting the Music Player database.


November 1, 2009

Nokia N97 and Apple iSync

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I bought my Nokia N97 early July, just a few days after the Australia release. I’ve been enjoying this great device since then desspite its bugs. The most notable of which was that unlike my previous Nokia S60 it would not cooperate with iSync. Thankfully the recently released firmware update (V20.0.019) fixes this problem.